When Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer asked Mitt Romney yesterday whether questions about his Mormonism were fair game (video here) Romney nodded in agreement: “I have no problem with that. I’m not going to try to distance myself in any way, shape, or from my church…. I accept the teachings of my church and do my best to live by those teachings.”
And yet when asked a no-brainer about his religion, Romney hedged:

Schieffer: I’m told that the Mormons teach that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri. Is that correct?
Romney: You know, they’re [the Mormon Church] probably the right folks to give you the answers related to much of Mormon teachings. So I’ll probably let them respond to questions about specific doctrine.

For a “true blue, through-and-through” Mormon–as Romney called himself earlier in the interview–his response struck God-o-Meter as pretty disingenuous. That, and Romney telling Schieffer he still hasn’t made his mind up on whether or not to deliver a JFK-like religion speech, prompts God-o-Meter to wonder: Will Romney really pursue the presidency as a religious conservative while concealing the most basic tenets of his faith?


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