After his lengthy meeting yesterday with Rudy Giuliani in his Senate office, Sam Brownback appears to be warming even more to the ex-Mayor, reports Politico:

Standing just outside his Senate office suite next to Giuliani, Brownback, an ardent abortion opponent, said twice that he was “much more comfortable” with his former rival’s stance on what he called the issue “of life.”
“He’s talked about a number of key pieces of what a president would have, whether it’s funding, appointments on the court, I’m much more comfortable with that,” Brownback said.
Asked if he could support somebody who supports abortion rights, Brownback said, “I don’t know that he would … whether he’d describe himself as a pro-choice mayor or a pro-choice candidate.”
Questioned exactly how he’d describe himself, Giuliani offered his usual recitation of how he views the issue, saying that he wants “to see a society in which there’s no abortion,” but that he’s “not in favor of changing the law and the right that presently exists.”

Brownback said the key for him was that Giuliani was intent on supporting strict constructionist judges in the mold of John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Forgive God-o-Meter if it’s just being thick, but how can Rudy be both against changing the abortion “right that presently exists” and for appointing anti-Roe judges? That’s a question for the months ahead; for now, Rudy’s appearance at the Values Voter summit and his wooing of Brownback puts him on a Godly streak.


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