Flower Mandalas

Although it’s been months since I have published anything on this blog, I have not forgotten. I’m working on a presentation on ways to develop resilience that I will be publishing here soon. Meanwhile, I have also resumed my early morning meditation of walking to Independence Park near my house in Beverly, MA, and photographing the islands off Beverly Harbor. (Independence Park is so named because it was the first place north of Boston that the Declaration of Independence was read.)
I recommend something like this exercise to many of my clients — a regular activity that helps to counteract, in a predictable way, a tendency they want to change. In my case, I’m prone to depression, and there is a feedback loop for me between depression, staying inside, and doing photography: When I am moving in the direction of depression, I tend to stay inside in the morning and do not take pictures. The antidote is to do the opposite of what depression tells me to do: go outside as early as possible and take pictures. Then this early warning sign of depression, like the early morning clouds and mist, lifts.
This image was shot on the morning of November 14, 2009.
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