Flower Mandalas

Flower Mandalas

Bonsai III, U.S. National Arboretum

Blue Atlas Cedar bonsai, U.S. National Arboretum
Wondering how many of you, out there, find solace and meditation through engaging with nature?
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  • Alison

    Me :-) and I do love what you do.
    Om shanti

  • Melissa B

    I too find much of my inspiration in nature even though my work is in textiles. My kids are amused by my constant looking at the world as “art” since I am constantly pointing out the shapes of the clouds, the colors of the trees, the shadows on the mountains or the colors of the flowers as we drive or walk around.
    We have the NC Aboretum near us and we go there often for hiking trails, gardens, art exhibits and their bonsai collection. My oldest son and I have gone through that exhibit may times as he too would like to tend to bonsai. He has tried a few but they are very hard to keep alive!
    I have always been drawn to the shape of trees. I too have photographed them as sculptural pieces. Your work is as always lovely and I appreciate you sharing them with us.
    Arise, go forth and CREATE! (My new favorite saying)
    Peace and Blessings, MelissaB

  • http://www.davidbookbinder.com David J. Bookbinder

    Thanks for your comments. This brief exposure to the bonsai collection at the U.S. Arboretum (I had to move quickly, as they were closing) has gotten me interested in these trees, specifically, and I’d like to see what the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, nearest me, has to offer. But I have also been interested in the forms of trees (and clouds, and grasses, and so on) for a very long time. My initial intro to looking at nature on the pixel level was through the flower mandalas, but now it seems to be generalizing. Examining these images at 200% in Photoshop feels very meditative.

  • http://youtubelegitimising.blogspot.com Jeremiah Gutierrez

    If only I had a dime for every time I came here.. Superb writing.

  • http://www.beginnerbonsaiguide.com/ Preston Blackmore

    I agree that keeping close to nature will give you true relaxation and piece of mind. Bonsai trees are one of the timeless decorations from nature that we can use in our homes, either indoors or outdoors. You can check my site: http://www.beginnerbonsaiguide.com/bonsai-types/. It will impart a lot of things that you should know when growing bonsai trees.

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