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Brian Wurzell, a fellow blogger at, posted this interview with three young women who are going beyond change-the-world rhetoric and putting their money, time and energy where there mouths are to combat the international sex trade. Bethany Hoang, Jeannie […]

Woke up this morning with the chorus ‘Canary in a Coal Mine’ by the Police running through my head. (That’s Sting’s old band, for you young’uns.)  I couldn’t remember the verses. Just a continuous loop – canary in a coal […]

I can’t stop thinking about trust. Who we trust, why we trust them and how behavior and decision-making is impacted by our answers to those questions.  It started with the Swine Flu. The CDC and World Health Organization were conducting […]

I came across the following exchange on Facebook… Status update: “I know God loves me, but how could God love **her**?” What do I do with that? Response… Admit that it is a good point. That unconditional love is ridiculous. […]

My parents moved my three brothers, my sister and myself out of Brooklyn to a small town about 50 miles northwest of the City when I was in elementary school. It was a nervy move. They were in their 20s, […]

An old friend posted this short poem by Charles Bukowski on his Facebook page yesterday and it has been haunting me ever since. I am not sure what was going through his mind when he shared the link, but it recalled for […]

What do you love to do? Forget practicality. Forget whether you have the time or the money or the education or skills. Forget everything that is on your plate or what is possible. What is that thing that makes your […]

More honest and transparent wisdom from reader/commenter/friend Andrea in response to On Being Teachable: This Dog Wants to Learn Some New Tricks… I was contemplating your question and looking at the ways in which I am teachable. I started to […]

What is it that makes it so hard to remain teachable? Seems like the older I get the more prone I am to pick up a bias or embrace and absolute. This despite both knowing better and making a personal […]

Mother’s Day is upon us. I can’t tell you how many times I approached this Hallmark holiday with a sense of obligation. Both as a daughter and a mother, I frequently found myself feeling put upon as I attended a […]