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The news and tracking of the swine flu has my old crisis communications juices flowing. In the 1990s I spent several years as the lead communicator for a nuclear power plant on the east coast. One of my primary responsibilities […]

I don’t know whether or not Swine Flu, Mexican Flu, American Flu or whatever they decide to finally call it will elevate to pandemic proportions. I do not know if the death of the young boy in Texas reported this […]

Lots of people are talking about, writing about and tracking the progress of the swine flu. The CDC, WHO and Department of Homeland Security are providing regular updates. Reporters, bloggers and Twitterers are providing lists of symptoms, prevention measures and, […]

Much has been written about the dangers of social networking, including concern over Facebook as an addiction or a substitute for genuine face-to-face relationships with real people. Like any other tool, it holds the potential to do harm or good […]

I found this simple 15-question questionnaire linked to a CNN article on Facebook addiction. It was written by Paula Pile, a marriage and family therapist who practices in Greensboro, North Carolina. She states in the article that she’d had three […]

My mother passed away one year ago today at age 65 a short three weeks after the death of my father who was 67. The following is a version of their story that I read at my mother’s funeral. I […]

As organizations like Kiva, Acumen Fund and Grameen Bank become increasingly recognized for their efforts to use micro-finance and social business to help the poorest of the poor in developing nations to gain the credit they need to start small […]

Following up on a post titled, This I Believe: Money isn’t Everything, a faithful reader shared the following hard-hitting and thought-provoking wisdom. Thanks Andrea. Money is a cruel master, disguised as a bigger house, newer car, trendy clothes, impeccable lawn […]

I submitted an essay several months ago to a National Public Radio Program called This I Believe, an international project engaging people in writing, sharing, and discussing the core values that guide their daily lives. Browsing the archives is like a […]

I am happy for Susan Boyle. I really am. A lifelong dream of singing in front of a large audience is realized and she rises to the challenge with a heartfelt delivery of a beautiful, challenging song. She is Cinderella, […]