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Fighting the good fight. The rough-and-tumble world of mixed martial arts (MMA) serves as a metaphor for maintaining faith in The Fight Within which, after a theatrical run last summer, premieres on home entertainment platforms Dec. 6, 2016 via GVN Releasing and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Synopsis: Logan Chandler (John Major Davis), a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts, leaves the ring when his gym-owner father dies while training him. Logan falls in love with a young woman of deep faith (Symington), and he seeks to overcome his troubled past and build a new life. But his new chance at life is tested when a local MMA professional (Leddo)—whose only losing fight was to Logan—forces him back in the ring.

The film was written and produced by Jim Davis, an ordained minister and businessman. I recently aked him how the film came about.

JIM DAVIS: It was a God thing. I had been going to faith-based films that are really made to inspire and offer hope (through principles of) the Bible — much the way a church service is. There’s nothing wrong with that. We need that kind of stuff as an alternative to some of what we’re seeing today…I kept looking for films that would engage and share the Gospel (for those who don’t go to church).

So, I sat down and I wrote a story. I thought it was a good story and I expanded on it. I tried to find someone to write it (but I ended up) buying the software and translated my story into a script. I sent it out for people to analyze in LA and one of them called me and said “I’m not a believer but I think we could make a good movie”…So, I just took that as God’s hand. I’m not wealthy but God’s blessed my family. I brought my kids together and my wife and I asked them to pray about it. They read the script. We look at it as mission outreach.

He went on to tell me that he fully funded the making of the movie not with an eye toward making any sort of significant financial profit on it — realistically, he see’s little chance of that — but with a hope of touching lives via a story that he believes and hopes serves God’s purpose.


Three Wise Animals wins more praise. I recently praised the newly-released charming, faith-filled story by Robert G. Seal. I’m not alone. Check out this review by Joe Kral at Truth and Charity Forum.  BTW, Seal’s next step is to gather support for a feature film to be made from his book. IMHO, such a film has the potential to be an immediate Christmas classic.

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