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New Life hits select theaters nationwide  today (10/28)

Synopsis (from the film’s website): Benjamin Morton’s life changed forever the day he met the little girl next door.  Ava was and always would be the girl of his dreams.  From the innocence of a childhood friendship, through adolescent attraction, their love strengthens and grows. When life takes a turn neither of them expected, their entire future is called into question. NEW LIFE explores the ups and downs of life and love, showing us that in good times and bad, life can be approached with hope and the opportunity for something new.
Cast: Jonathan Patrick Moore (Blindspot), Erin Bethea (Fireproof), Barry Corbin (The Closer, Northern Exposure) James Marsters (Hawaii Five-0), Bill Cobbs (Hand of God), Irma P. Hall (Soul Food)  and Terry O’Quinn (Lost)//Directed by: Drew Waters//Written by: Erin Bethea, Candace Irion, Josh Spake and Drew Waters

The film is a production of Argentum Entertainment, the new production shingle of actor Drew Waters (TV’s Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad) and business partner actress/writer Erin Bethea created with the intent of telling positive stories in compelling ways.

I just had the opportunity to speak with them about the film and what drew them to the story.

Drew Waters: I wanted to do (a film) that would help people overcome grief — about life, going the hardships and coming out the other side. New Life was our brainchild that came out of that…There’s always hope. You gotta believe. You gotta trust but there’s always hope…I gotta tell you. I got lucky as a director. The cast is amazing…I strongly feel that Jonathan Patrick Moore, Irma P. Hall, Bill Cobbs, Erin Bethea and Terry O’Quinn nailed it. It turned out beautifally…We’ve been compared to 197o’s Love Story and to The Notebook (2004). This is our decade’s Love Story. We’re very excited about (the comparison).

Erin Bethea: I met Drew on the set of this other movie (The Redemption of Harry Myers)…and he told me about his idea for a movie…and I thought there’s a beautiful story here…I thought you have to make this feature so that people see it…It’s a love story that touches a wide audience.

To find our where New Life is playing near you click here.

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