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Last Hope with Troy Dunn premieres tomorrow (Thursday, 8/10) @ 10:00 PM ET on UP TV.

Synopsis: Missing persons investigator Troy Dunn finds lost loved ones and facilitates emotional reunions in this feel-good reality series.

In the premiere episode, Troy meets with Debra and Gary Sadler who, as teenagers, had a son but felt pressure to give him up for adoption. After college, they married and had two daughters, Leah and Sarah. Now, both parents and children have united to search for their one missing family member. If Troy can find him, he can unite an entire biological family.

Mini-Review: A feel-good half-hour it is — although I wonder how many times the formula can be repeated without wearing thin. And, though Dunn does great work, I also wonder if the show based on his exploits wouldn’t work better as a scripted drama that would allow for more dramatic twists and turns. I may be old-fashioned (okay, I’m old-fashioned) but I still think some real-life emotional journeys are best kept private and off TV.

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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