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Here are today’s dispatches from the FM&C Hot List:

1. The don’t call it The Left Coast for nothing. Ben Shapiro, author of Primetime Propaganda, is unleashing audio evidence of Hollywood’s blatant anti-conservative bias on YouTube. Here’s Susan Harris, the creator of Soap and The Golden Girls lamenting the “medieval minds” of people who don’t hold her liberal views.

A compilation of Simon’s YouTube posts can be seen at Hollywood Reporter.

2. Simon & Schuster & Beck.From The Wrap: Glenn Beck and Simon & Schuster announced Wednesday that they have expanded their publishing partnership, which began in 2003 with his No. 1 best-selling book “The Real America.”
Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts production company will spin-off Mercury Ink, a new division that will publish books hand-picked by the conservative Fox News Channel host. They will be co-published by S&S.

2. Rihanna’s video vengeance draws fire. From The LA Times: Rihanna has found herself in the center of controversy again over one of her music videos.
Before premiering the video to her latest single, the reggae-tinged revenge ode “Man Down,” on BET’s 106 & Park on Tuesday, the singer took to Twitter to say it would have a “very strong underlying message 4 girls like me.” It’s that message — which shows her killing a man who’s assaulted her — that has drawn the ire of a collective of advocacy groups that work, in part, to combat violent imagery in media.
The Parents Television Council, along with Industry Ears and the Enough Is Enough Campaign, joined together to “condemn” the video and urge Viacom, BET’s parent company, to pull it off the air.

4. Jennifer Hudson to become a nun. From Hollywood Reporter: Jennifer Hudson is headed for the nunnery — in 20th Century Fox’s The Three Stooges, from the Farrelly brothers.
She’ll play one of the nuns in the orphanage where the Stooges spend time.

5. Schiller may go to NBC.From Hollywood Reporter: Former National Public Radio president and CEO Vivian Schiller is close to finalizing a deal to join NBC News where she’ll head up digital projects, sources at the network confirm…Schiller resigned as CEO of the NPR last March, five months after a flare up over her decision to dismiss NPR analyst Juan Williams in part for remarks he made about Muslims on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor.
After firing Williams, who was also a Fox News contributor at the time, Schiller gave a disastrous extemporaneous interview in which she asserted that Williams’ comments about getting “nervous” when he sees people in “Muslim garb” on airplanes should have been kept between him and “his psychiatrist.” Schiller apologized and Williams subsequently landed a full-time job at Fox News.

6. More marriages go the distance than we’re led to believe. From Contradicting the endless New York Times articles celebrating “the new American family,” “blended families” and “quasi marriages,” a recent census report says that only 12 percent of Americans will be married as many as two times in their entire lives. Only 3 percent will be married three or more times.
(The “one of every two marriages will end in divorce” canard comes from comparing the number of marriages in a given year to the number of divorces that same year — but the divorces could be from any of the millions of marriages consummated in the prior several decades. Serial divorcers also bring the “average” divorce rate way up.)

7. Fetus profile removed by Facebook? From The Blaze: Over the past few days, a number of media outlets have covered the existence of unborn baby Marriah Greene’s Facebook profile. Greene’s parents, Matt and Ellie, wanted to find a creative way to announce their pregnancy to the world. So, they took to Facebook, created a profile for their unborn baby…As of 7:30 p.m. Eastern time (last night), little Marriah’s profile was no longer active on Facebook. The Blaze reached out to Ellie and asked if the social network has removed the profile. Her response was brief: “I think so.”…Facebook has a strict policy that requires all profile creators to be at least 13 years of age…Could it be that Facebook counted Marriah among those individuals who are below the age requirement and, as a result, removed her account?
IMHO: If so, that would seem to suggest a the fetus is a person whose rights can be violated.

8. List of conservative movie critics here.

9. Surprise! Geezer and whippersnappers don’t watch the same TV shows. Here’s the data as compiled by Hollywood Reporter and Brad Adgate of Horizon Media.

Oldest-skewing broadcast network shows: 1. CBS’ Blue Bloods – Median Age: 60.6, 2. CBS’ Chaos* – Median Age: 59.8,  3. CBS’ CSI: NY – Median Age: 59.5, 4. CBS’ The Good Wife – Median Age: 59, 5. NBC’s Harry’s Law – Median Age: 58.7, 6. CBS’ NCIS – Median Age: 58.3 (TIE), 6. ABC’s Dancing with the Stars** – Median Age: 58.3 (TIE), 8. CBS’ The Mentalist – Median Age: 58.2,  9. NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? – Median Age: 58, 10. CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles – Median Age: 57.6, 11. ABC’s Body of Proof – Median Age: 57.5 (TIE),11. CBS’s The Defenders* – Median Age: 57.5 (TIE), 13. ABC’s Dancing With the Stars: Results – Median Age: 57.4 (TIE), 14. NBC’s Outlaw* – Median Age: 57.2,  15. CBS’ Medium* – Median Age: 57 (TIE), 15. ABC’s Dancing with the Stars*** – Median Age: 57 (TIE)

Youngest-skewing broadcast network shows: 1. CW’s Gossip Girl – Median Age: 29.3, 2. Fox’s Cleveland Show – Median Age: 30.8, 3. Fox’s Family Guy – Median Age: 30.9, 4. Fox’s Bob’s Burgers – Median Age: 31.5 (TIE), 4. Fox’s American Dad – Median Age: 31.5 (TIE), 6. CW’s Hellcats* – Median Age: 31.7, 7. CW’s 90210 – Median Age: 31.8, 8. CW’s One Tree Hill – Median Age: 32, 9. Fox’s The Simpsons – Median Age: 32.4, 10. CW’s Shedding for the Wedding – Median Age: 33.3, 11. CW’s Vampire Diaries – Median Age: 33.6 (TIE), 11. CW’s Life Unexpected – Median Age: 33.6 (TIE),13. CW’s America’s Next Top Model – Median Age: 34.5 /35.7, 14. NBC’s The Office – Median Age: 35.9, 15. NBC’s Parks and Recreation – Median Age: 37

Note: Estimates include live plus same day viewing.

Note: Estimates include live plus same day viewing.

10. Quote of the Day: There has always been a different standard for the Jews. We’re like “honorary Aryans,” as Hitler said of the Japanese. That means that we’re human beings only when it suits the world to treat us as human beings. There’s a pretty good book on the subject — the Torah. – Pulitzer Prize-winning Jewish playwright David Mamet in an interview with the New York Times.

No blog tomorrow. See you Monday.

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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