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Is Sammy Sosa following in Michael Jackson’s footsteps? Recent photos of Sosa show the retired Cubs baseball star with dramatically lighter skin after what he calls ‘skin rejuvenation treatments’. 

Speculation is rampant, and I feel…

… it’s really none of our business, though some might argue that sports figures have a responsibility to behave like role models. What message does Sosa send to kids if he is unhappy in his own skin?

Then again, he’s claiming he was just trying to undo years of UV damage, and heck, is that anyone’s affair other than his own? Shouldn’t we take his word for it, and, even if we don’t buy it, leave the guy alone? I suspect parents can teach their own kids to love the skin they’re in, and not follow a celebrity’s example blindly.
Do you find the new, lighter Sosa disappointing? 

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