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Kimberly Munley-hero-Fort-Hood.jpgI’m not one of those people who tosses out the word “hero” comfortably. I feel that news accounts of folks who are just doing the decent, ethical thing in a moment of crisis sometimes blow the term out of proportion and devalue it. Not so with police Sgt. Kimberly Munley, the hero of the Fort Hood’s terrible incident yesterday. She, in my opinion, is the real deal.

Sgt. Munley, by all accounts, was first on scene (first armed, anyway) and took bold action to take down shooter Major Nidal Hasan. It can’t have been easy to be that brave, and it seems to me it takes a really extraordinary person to race in like that, even if, technically, it’s all part of the job. When it comes to examples of stand-up behavior, this is the kind of thing that comforts me about humanity’s decency, even as Major Nidal’s insane behavior horrifies me.
Sergeant Munley, who was injured during the shoot-out, is recovering in the hospital. Please join me in wishing her a speedy recovery!
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