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I’ve got jury duty – pleh! I seem to get called every time I vote, renew my license, or, heck, breathe too loudly while walking past a government office. This time ’round, I even got summoned for TWO courts at roughly the same time, so I have to juggle how to serve and which one takes precedence.

In theory, I’m all about fulfilling my civic duty. I even get a feeling of pride knowing I’m contributing to society. Yet, when I arrive each time…

…I can’t help thinking up lame excuses for why I shouldn’t serve on this or that boring case, or dreaming up ways to worm altogether out of the tedious, frustrating, excruciatingly dull obligation that is serving jury duty.

Now, I haven’t actually used any of these excuses I’ve brainstormed in my feverish mind, but on past occasions, I’ve heard other people in the courthouses offer up some doozies. Like the guy who got out of serving on one civil case by saying, “Judge, this case as you’ve described it sounds SO boring, I can guarantee you right now I would never be able to keep myself awake through it.” The judge actually released him! 
Do you think it’s unethical to try to get out of jury duty? Or are excuses and postponements all part of the game? Have you heard any whoppers when you’ve served? Or told any?
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