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Apparently, Levi Johnston is all over Vanity Fair, not having exhausted his 15 minutes (or our patience) *quite* yet. Or perhaps with Labor Day coming late this year, it’s just a slow news start for September?

In any case, he’s spilling whatever there is left to spill, including “revelations” like “Palin wanted to adopt our baby,” and – horrors – “Palin didn’t cook or do her own laundry.” 
Which leaves me wondering, once again:
In other words, we still want to know, is Levi just doing right by himself, or is he doing mad wrong by the would-have-been in-laws?
Seems to me there’s enough ick to coat all the parties involved here. But the continued desire to dish on Levi’s part is making him look ickier by the hour. When will it end? One can only hope before his son is old enough to read.
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