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My sense of justice vs legal ethics goes a bit askew when it comes to sex offenders. On the one hand, I believe in crime and punishment as well as rehabilitation; on the other hand, I don’t know many other […]

It’s being reported upwardsof a hundred lives may have been lost in Samoa and American Samoa, tiny South Pacific islands far, far away from most of us (assuming you’re a continental American reading this). Closer to home, floods inGeorgia recently […]

Today in NYC there’s a primary runoff election to decide who’ll be the next democratic candidates for city comptroller and public advocate. And, in a city of 8 million, something like a whopping 170,000 are expected to vote. As the […]

I’m on the fence about in-your-face public service announcements, as my prior post on sugary soda indicates. But this one, called “Save the Boobs”, which you can watch on ABC News, really takes shock ads to a new level. Jiggling breasts, […]

I’m pretty proud of my Midwestern work ethic; efficient, steady, reliable. Still, I spend a lot of time imagining what I would do with my lottery winnings – pay off student loans, pay off family debts, buy a house (or […]

According to CNN, legendary film director Roman Polanski was on his way to receive a lifetime achievement award in Switzerland when he was grabbed up by police on a warrant issued in 1978. Said the Zurich Film Festival that is now sans […]

Fascinating news! I just read that PBS will air a series based on an edited version of a wildly popular Harvard philosophy class on ethics and morality. The class, called “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” is the brainchild […]

I’d like to pose a question for all the parents out there — and for all those who lived through tough family situations as they were growing up.  Is it OK for parents to fight in front of their kids? […]

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with the media…sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it (and sometimes I love to hate how I’m a part of it). Still, one of the fundamentals of most democratic societies are the […]

I’d have to say… no.  I mean, I had to look them up to be sure I knew them all correctly (I didn’t), and I still consider myself a fairly ethical person. Heck, even some of our most outspoken bible-thumping […]