Everyday Ethics

I was reading a former coworker’s excellent blog today, MyBrownBaby,
and her words struck me in ways I didn’t expect – emotional, practical,
and yes, even ethical.

The post, “My Time to Shine: What I Love Most About Me”, is all about self-love – Denene Millner’s little love note to herself.

And why not write yourself a love note? Self-love isn’t narcissism, it’s gratitude. We
often forget to appreciate the little things, and many of those little
things we’re forgetting to appreciate are pieces of ourselves.

In addition to
feeling inspired to remember what I actually enjoy about myself, I also
remembered that self-love can lead you to your best self — one of the many goals of this blog.

After all, if you can’t be generous to yourself, you can’t be generous to
others; if you won’t be fair to yourself, you won’t be fair to others.

always been a big advocate of self-awareness, but never thought too
much about self-love. Consider me officially giving it thought now.

….P.S. I love my smile!

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