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Yummycoffee.jpgI get tired of always ragging on people for ethical faux pas. Sometimes I want to focus on what folks are doing right. So today I’m inaugurating a new feature: “Moral Monday.” From now on, on Mondays (whenever possible) we’re going to highlight people and organizations we see doing things right, making hard choices, and all-and-all living ethically.

To start us off, I posted a call-out amongst my friends for some juicy stories of people making a positive difference, and I think I found a winner. Yummy Coffee. According to their website:

100% of the profits generated after taxes are donated to various organizations that serve the autism community.  We hope to build a sustainable product that can change the lives of children and all those touched by autism, one sip at a time.

Not only do they work to establish sustainable coffee-growing practices with growers around the world, building schools and promoting environmentally sound business practices, they also donate their profits to help those with autism. Amazing. What could be better on a Monday than strong coffee and good intentions? Good on you, Yummy Coffee!

Image from’s website

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