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Ok, now. Twice in the past week I’ve encountered girls under the age of ten wearing high heeled sandals. The first time, I was entering the subway and I saw (from behind) a person under four feet tall wearing perhaps a […]

One of the fundamentals of ethics is honesty, I’d say. Yet, I’m kind of a dishonest person. I consider myself to be basically morally sound, so why do I say this? Well, I tend to tell people what they want […]

Forgive me, gentle readers. It is, perhaps, questionable to flog one’s external publications on a blog concerning itself primarily with ethics, but I simply had to share the news: An article I’ve written, entitled “90 Salads in 90 Days” is […]

We’re rolling out another new feature here at Everyday Ethics… “What-If Wednesdays.” You know the game; you’ve probably played it with your friends a time or two, asking questions like, “What if you had to choose — Brad Pitt or George […]

Professional sports and I do not go together like peanut butter and jelly – my eyes take on a lovely shade of “glazed” when my male friends start down the road of player stats, fantasy leagues and rankings.  But Michael […]

I get tired of always ragging on people for ethical faux pas. Sometimes I want to focus on what folks are doing right. So today I’m inaugurating a new feature: “Moral Monday.” From now on, on Mondays (whenever possible) we’re […]

When Hillary wrote her post about Obama speaking out on Skip Gates’ arrest, I mentally applauded her for tackling the topic- from beginning to hopeful end, the whole fiasco gives me a headache. However, many of the responses to the […]

I was just on my way out the door, rushed for time as usual, when the phone rang. Caller ID said, “000-000-0000.” I had a pretty good idea who it’d be (in a general sense) but I was expecting a […]

“When you become a public figure you are held to a different level of scrutiny and ethics.” This was the response by Fort Myers’ councilman, Tom Babcock, when questioned about the firing of town manager Scott Janke — fired because […]

I don’t feel it’s my place to get into the rights and wrongs of Skip Gates’ arrest. I honestly think it’s a case of he-said, he-said, and while I tend to think there are very few times arresting a guy […]