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grain pouring.jpgA quick note on what flowed from the New Years assignment I suggested for dreamers in a recent blog article: to send the dream self out to scout what lies ahead in 2011.

This has produced a cornucopia of dream reports, the most detailed from dreamers who are members of my Dreamwork forum at Spirituality & Health. I am studying these closely.
I did my own assignment. As soon as I lay down and closed my eyes in the early hours of New Years Day, I had the strong sense of a presence in the room, and realized that I was in contact with a second self, the dream traveler who crosses time as easily as I cross a room. 
I repeated the intention I had posted here and at the forum:
 Show me what I need to see in the year ahead

My dream self immediately posed a question to me, mind to mind:

– How many things do you wish to see?
– Twelve
– What track? Personal, family, work, world events?
– How about all of them? Say three visions in each category.
– Then be ready to record.

The action started immediately, after this inner dialogue. I was shown three scenes from my personal future, one involving a town I have never visited, or thought of visiting. I’ll be alert to see how these sightings play out. Since all were happy, I’m relaxed about simply letting events unfold.

Then I drifted into sleep and was immersed in an undercover adventure in Tehran. I seemed to be a foreign correspondent working to expose horrific acts of repression by the regime, especially the torture-killings of dissidents by a leading official who was taking personal pleasure in these crimes. I came under suspicion and had to make my escape, I was sheltered for a time by a middle-class Iranian family who had been reduced to selling family heirlooms but were willing to risk their lives to help someone who might be able to carry news of the true state of affairs in their country to the outside world. They got me to the airport and I was able to get a plane out.

This is a brief summary of a much longer report. I woke from this adventure barely an hour after going to bed, feeling that I had absolutely been there. I also wondered whether my dream self had taken on the persona of a parallel self, the foreign correspondent I might still be today had I made different life choices. On the World track, the dream leads me to expect a new crisis over Iran connected with new exposure of the regime’s repression of opponents, and possibly the mistreatment of foreign journalists.

Due diligence: I went downstairs to write my report, titled “Escape from Tehran” before hurrying back to bed to let my dream self get on with the rest of the night assignments. He did well. I saw in a couple of dreams the expansion of the work of my dream school and my own teaching and publishing presence in the year ahead.

Then I was charmed and juiced by a series of five independent dreams that all contained a recurring (or isomorphic) theme. The theme was: needing to find containers for abundance. In the first of this series, grain is streaming down from above like manna from heaven. With others, my dream self is engaged in trying to catch the grain in old-fashioned bushel baskets and whatever other receptacles come to hand. In a second dream, gold coins are raining down and the task, again, is to catch them and not let them roll away. Next pure water is streaming down, and needs to be caught and channeled.

There’s a familiar creative challenge reflected in these dreams: to find the right form to contain a force or a gift. 

There’s also the simple, joyous sense of abbondanza in the year ahead. I wish you abounding joy and creativity in 2011. 

May your best dreams come true – and may you remember them!

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