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Dream Gates

Thrills and abundance in 2011

grain pouring.jpgA quick note on what flowed from the New Years assignment I suggested for dreamers in a recent blog article: to send the dream self out to scout what lies ahead in 2011.

This has produced a cornucopia of dream reports, the most detailed from dreamers who are members of my Dreamwork forum at Spirituality & Health. I am studying these closely.
I did my own assignment. As soon as I lay down and closed my eyes in the early hours of New Years Day, I had the strong sense of a presence in the room, and realized that I was in contact with a second self, the dream traveler who crosses time as easily as I cross a room. 
I repeated the intention I had posted here and at the forum:
 Show me what I need to see in the year ahead

My dream self immediately posed a question to me, mind to mind:

– How many things do you wish to see?
– Twelve
– What track? Personal, family, work, world events?
– How about all of them? Say three visions in each category.
– Then be ready to record.

The action started immediately, after this inner dialogue. I was shown three scenes from my personal future, one involving a town I have never visited, or thought of visiting. I’ll be alert to see how these sightings play out. Since all were happy, I’m relaxed about simply letting events unfold.

Then I drifted into sleep and was immersed in an undercover adventure in Tehran. I seemed to be a foreign correspondent working to expose horrific acts of repression by the regime, especially the torture-killings of dissidents by a leading official who was taking personal pleasure in these crimes. I came under suspicion and had to make my escape, I was sheltered for a time by a middle-class Iranian family who had been reduced to selling family heirlooms but were willing to risk their lives to help someone who might be able to carry news of the true state of affairs in their country to the outside world. They got me to the airport and I was able to get a plane out.

This is a brief summary of a much longer report. I woke from this adventure barely an hour after going to bed, feeling that I had absolutely been there. I also wondered whether my dream self had taken on the persona of a parallel self, the foreign correspondent I might still be today had I made different life choices. On the World track, the dream leads me to expect a new crisis over Iran connected with new exposure of the regime’s repression of opponents, and possibly the mistreatment of foreign journalists.

Due diligence: I went downstairs to write my report, titled “Escape from Tehran” before hurrying back to bed to let my dream self get on with the rest of the night assignments. He did well. I saw in a couple of dreams the expansion of the work of my dream school and my own teaching and publishing presence in the year ahead.

Then I was charmed and juiced by a series of five independent dreams that all contained a recurring (or isomorphic) theme. The theme was: needing to find containers for abundance. In the first of this series, grain is streaming down from above like manna from heaven. With others, my dream self is engaged in trying to catch the grain in old-fashioned bushel baskets and whatever other receptacles come to hand. In a second dream, gold coins are raining down and the task, again, is to catch them and not let them roll away. Next pure water is streaming down, and needs to be caught and channeled.

There’s a familiar creative challenge reflected in these dreams: to find the right form to contain a force or a gift. 

There’s also the simple, joyous sense of abbondanza in the year ahead. I wish you abounding joy and creativity in 2011. 

May your best dreams come true – and may you remember them!

  • Tammi Clancy

    In my dream of your dream my TWO waterfalls of stars cascading for hours shows abundance, also!

  • gabby Jung

    What an adventurous dream and abuntant dreams you had!
    As I read second part of dreams, the “Cup of Ace” Card pops up in my mind. Creativity, Abundance are flowing! Good fortune of year 2011 is indeed ahead if it were my dream!

  • http://HTTP:// Claire Perkins

    Although I did not consciously send a dream scout out, my first dream of the new year had me vacationing on the moon – not an unheard of destination, but a new one for me and a rare experience. It appeared that my traveling companion and I were the only adventurous souls there. I could see all the other planets of our solar system strung out like a ribbon along the horizon, looking much like they are portrayed in science books. While I knew logically that they wouldn’t be arranged in this way, I nevertheless found the view breathtaking. The ground beneath my feet was frozen dust and scattered much like snow with each of my footfalls. I felt alive and pioneering.
    Since the moon is the guardian of the night, I took this to be an invitation to a more pioneering and adventurous exploration of the dreaming realm in the year to come. Here’s to a dream-filled 2011!

  • Grace Osora Erhart

    Yes! abundance, and maybe our increased ability to create stronger manifestation with our dream selves. Feeling that abundance with more clarity in this dimension, yay!
    I feels so positive today about the future.

  • Gretchen Duhaime

    My sleep dreams for the new year were unsettling and as I was pondering them in the car, an ad kept repeating on the radio for an event the station is hosting, “Thirsty Thursday.” The announcer said the first one of 2011 will be at a restaurant called “Abu Donsa.” I thought it must be a middle Eastern restaurant until I heard the list of Italian food on the menu and realized he was mispronouncing “Abbondanza.” Confirmation that my 2011 will have abundance!

  • David

    I wasn’t going to comment until I saw the CAPTCHA was paperma ftow which to me read like “perma flow”.
    Today I learned how to graft trees and can now turn ornamental plum trees into sources of almonds, nectarines, peaches, apricots, and better plums!

  • Robert Moss

    Gretchen – Go for Abbondanza! At the same time, I wouldn’t dismiss any specific content from the “unsettling” dreams before checking whether it can be applied to shape a developing situation for the better.

  • Nina

    Beautiful dreams about abundance… The only dream about being exposed to too much which surfaced in this changing period is that I´m returning to school after our winter holiday (we have one more week in reality) and coming to the class I see that instead of twelve students there are much more. I count them and come to number fifty. I am stunned and try to explain to new people that it´s impossible to manage so many of them. They are nice but insist that they want to come to this class. I think about my capacities and limits and then I think of them and suddenly I have the idea. I make up my mind to create from new students one more group. Now I get a good feeling that this is the right solution.
    Best wishes…

  • Robert Moss

    Grace – may you carry this positive energy with you through the year ahead.

  • Robert Moss

    Claire – It’s interesting what differing experiences people have in the astral realm of the Moon. When I lead groups there in shamanic lucid dreaming, we usually find this territory to be very “thickly settled” (as they say on Massachusetts road signs). Though privacy can be found. If your dream were mine, I would feel I had traveled in a counterpart reality close in some respects to the physical, but where things can be rearranged so they can be seen more clearly. Anyway, the sense of being able to view and comprehend systems from an aerial vantage point would be something I would want to bring to bear on situations that arise in the year ahead.

  • Robert Moss

    Tammi – Yes! I read your full report of this dream at our forum at Spirituality & Health, and felt blessed by tremendous gifts from above. Great image, great feeling to carry into the New Year.

  • Wanda Burch

    My dream was of a long lusciously cozy cashmere coat – a great snuggly for good things for the New Year. It fit well and looked great – a nice companion to my pre-New Year dreams of the soft long-haired kitten named Baby zooming upstairs in a cozy little cottage of good things.

  • Ro

    My New Year’s dreams seemed to be all over the place! I dreamed about being the new apartment of my deceased grandmother. She sat at a table or desk, looking over issues of National Geographic and marking off the map pages. She had two fish bowls on another table, filled with water and ice and palm-sized purple fish that kept jumping out of the bowl onto the table.
    Then I dreamed about being in a hospital for a procedure and having to explain to the nurses that I had kidney damage, so as to not be given medication that would make my kidneys worse- I’m guessing that’s a sneak preview, since I’ve had to do that a lot already in the past.
    The last was being caught in a combination car pile up and shoot out! Great action movie material, but I hope it’s more metaphoric than literal.
    Looks like 2011 is going to be a very…ahem…busy new year for me?

  • Robert Moss

    Ro – That’s a sweet scene of being with your deceased grandmother at her new place. This is the way we get to know about what life is like on the Other Side. You also remind me of my own dreams of a deceased family member in which he is sitting at a kitchen table with a pile of newspapers. When I join him, he shows me news of things that haven’t happens yet that generally manifest in about 3 months. Our departed can be a great source of information on the future, since they live outside our time….The other dreams are more challenging but it sounds like you know how to work with the possible rehearsal for a hospital procedure. I’d check for “markers” in the car crash/shootout dream (indications of possible time and place) in order to be sure I have the info necessary to avoid literal manifestation, even if the dream feels more symbolic.

  • Robert Moss

    Wanda – What a delightful way to enter 2011, wrapped up snug in luscious cashmere! Life is good…

  • Melissa

    Homework assignment for 2011,
    My question, Show me what is best to happen in the new year…
    I was fishing with strangers, having a good time it was night, we started in a boat, then went swimming to the shore. While fishing on the bank I felt the need to throw my line behind us in an inlet.. but I found myself in a cabin..A black dog goes by riding a skateboard…. I assumed it to be my aging black dog Rascal.
    The scene changes to me on the toilet..*blushing* #2 and 2 men walk in.. I am very upset that anyone would allow someone to come in while doing my business. ..I cant get up and just sit there.
    Once again the scene changes.. I am in a parking lot of a school it seems and everyone is leaving… I wait to back into my space when the traffic is less busy.. I go into the school, And it seems that I am being graded for my work by 2 teachers.

  • Robert Moss

    Melissa – If these are my dreams, they offer me quite a lot of guidance for the year ahead: (1) be prepared to engage with new people and go fishing in new waters; (2) let the black dog (a favorite of mine) be my guide; (3) defend my private space (4) be ready to go “back to school” in the sense of accepting new lessons – and also to swim against the stream.

  • John Anthony

    One of my New Year’s dreams was marvelous because it was clearly in color. I don’t recall dreaming in color ever before.
    I spoke to a man who I knew was someone of substance, worldly, accomplished. I described how I was going to market and sell blue pillar candles. I was very excited about this because these were not ordinary candles. I lit one to show him.
    It did not burn like an ordinary candle, but blazed a circle of light around its rim. The candle’s energy would enhance and transform an ordinary enterprise into something miraculous.
    The candle was a variety of blue shades, light to deep dark blue. As I handled the candle, the liquid colors spilled all over my hand staining it various shades of blue. I balanced a silver knife on the edge of the pillar candle and the ring of flame and it made the knife sing in harmonic resonance with the vibration of the candle.
    In thinking about this, I wonder if this relates to Archangel Michael, who I claim as one of my Protectors. His color is blue and he has a sword. I didn’t get this sense in the dream, but in trying to make some sense of it, and put some action to the dream.

  • Robert Moss

    John – What a fabulous dream to carry into the new year. If it were my dream, I would see myself as carrying that wonderful light with me into everyday situations. I would want to wear some shade of blue, and maybe light a blue pillar candle in my home. Blue is my favorite color, and indeed there is a whole spectrum of blue. Certainly there is Michael, and also (in Christian tradition) Mary. But blue is the color of gods and sacred things in many of the world’s traditions. By dynasty XIX in Egypt, gods and pharaohs were painted with blue skin, as the art of India depicts Krishna. Ancient Picts in Scotland painted their skins blue. There is the Blue Man of Aegean and Hebridean folklore, and there is the Blue Star (Sirius0. Color of sky, of sea, of heaven….

  • ebutterflywoman

    Let’s here it for seraching the net for dream interpretations, and getting conked in the head with this!
    “The theme was: needing to find containers for abundance.”
    Okay, so I found myself saying these actual exact words just a few hours ago (but that wasn’t the dream that led me to your blogpost, funny isn’t it? Perhaps my guides have indeed returned after a two-year absence…)
    So this is my New Year’s dream, the one I was searching for meaning upon:
    I was working, or on my way to work (unspecified work) somewhere in the upper penisula of Michigan. To get there, I was to traverse, on foot, across a field of sweet corn. The corn was lined up tall on my left with another equally-sized fallow field to my right (the dirt looked pretty fertile though and ready to plant). As I was making my way along the edge of the corn (really, the middle of the two fields), I thought to myself, hey, maybe I’ll see some little animals hopping out of that corn, and sure enough, some sort of rabbit-like creatures quickly scooted out in front of me. Then I looked up and, immediately, I saw two large grey-colored bears (not grizzleys, but grey brown bears, if you will). Too close for me to run away, I realized, no, I _knew_ these bears were about to eat me. My fate was to be eaten. They started running toward me, and then…I awoke.
    I so wonder what it means, especially now in relation to this ‘container for abundance’…

  • Robert Moss

    Butterflywoman – If this were my dream, I certainly feel potential abundance, in that rich and fallow field. And also with the bears. Instead of assuming they are going to devour me, I would try to re-enter this dream and face them and find out what we want of each other. The bear is the great medicine animal of North America, and I would be eager to know whether my power is hunting me. The price for receiving THE Bear, as an ally for protection and healing, is to brave up and move beyond what we have been; I write about my personal experiences with Bear in my books CONSCIOUS DREAMING and DREAMWAYS OF THE IROQUOIS.

  • Bobi Souder

    I tried this a couple nights ago — went to bed with the question “what do I need to see in the year to come?” I closed my eyes and immediately saw a goofy woman wearing what looked like one of those soft leather hats/helmuts that early pilots used to wear. It fit snuggly on her head and had flaps that hung down over her ears. The top of the hat/helmut had a pig face! I had the sense that she was on her way to fly out and gather information. Even though she seemed very goofy, I trusted that she was good at her job. As I was drifting off to sleep, I saw three very clear scenes. The first scene took place on a city street where I saw the back of a man in a dark overcoat. He pulled out a machine gun and fired rounds into a car-full of people who were sitting in a blue station wagon. The scene then changed and I found myself in a laboratory of some kind. I saw a scientist in a white lab coat holding a test tube that had a flag growing out of it. The third scene escapes me now. All three scenes happened as I was falling asleep, and they were very clear at the time.

  • Robert Moss

    Bobi – I enjoyed your report on this Miss Piggy as secret agent of the air! It puts a happy, humorous spin on the assignment of scouting the future. I might ask this goofy-fearless ace to help me in the future in seeing what I need to see. It’s hard to know whether the short reports that follow relate to personal or transpersonal themes, but I always ask (of any dream material): Could this play out in the future? And if so: when/where/who/what/why? That will lead me to look inside the dreams for markers – anything that might help me answer those questions. Thanks for sharing.

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