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Dreaming into Egyptian blue

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After a murky sequence in my dreams last night, when I needed to avoid various dangers and distractions, I found myself lying at the edge of the ocean in marvelous gleaming morning sunlight. With my legs in the water, I enjoyed the waves lapping over my lower chest, and the warmth of the early sun, turning the whitecaps of the blue sea into gold.


As I surfaced from this dream, I thought, What a perfectly simple and lovely image to linger in, for relaxation, cleansing and healing. So I stayed in bed, putting myself back into that gentle feast of color and rhythm. As I drifted in my conscious dream, a blue form separated from the blues of sea and sky. It moved like the finest silk and seemed to extend from shoulder-height into the sky. It seemed to me that it was some kind of pathway. I let myself join this blue light, and soon found myself enjoying wonderful kinesthetic sensations of flight. Soon I was winging over greenwoods, swooping low to enjoy the sights and smells close up. I was drawn to a town I did not recognize, where no one noticed me until a swarthy old man stared at me, his eyes fierce as a hawk. He beckoned me to a doorway where a beautiful younger woman – his daughter? – was waiting. Over the doorway hovered the energy form of an ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life. A new adventure was beckoning….


This is a simple example of how Active Dreaming works in everyday practice. You pick an image from a dream you would like to explore, or simply stay with, and allow a new cycle of conscious dreaming to unfold. The blue of the energy path that appeared spontaneously and led me to the Egyptian door was very like the distinctive “Egyptian blue” – whose blue derived from copper oxides like malachite – that you see on scarabs, and hippo sculptures, and fertility statues, and on the painted skins of gods and New Dynasty pharaohs, and on the djed pillar of Osiris. And on ankhs. I have seen ankhs that were used as water vessels painted this color. The idea was as you drank from them – whether plain water or a potion infused with crushed petals of the blue lotus, an oneirogen – you would take vital life force into your body.


In their dry country, the Egyptians dreamed the whole spectrum of blues. They prized lapis lazuli and azurite. They sought the origin of human life and purpose in a blue star from which gods descended (in some versions of the cosmogony) to Earth via the the Moon. In the Egyptian mind, blue (irtiu, khesbodj)
is the color of heaven, of the primeval flood, life, rebirth, fertility and of the inundation that renews the land. A good color to dream on.

Ancient ankh amulet made of lapis lazuli via touregypt

  • Nancy

    Wow, Robert, thanks so much for this! One of my dreams last night had vivid smurf-blue cream cheese with bagels at a workshop, then the teacher helping homeless kids and runaways feel safe, speaking to them in the subway. Most of the dream made sense except the blue cream cheese (!?!), until someone on my FB page said it might be throat chakra, helping words of help or support or wisdom come forth. This teacher (also named Robert) certainly does that and is a great example to me, as you are. Thanks for the healing sea image, and your words, as always.

  • Nina

    There is a fascinating book about colours – called Colour. Travel Through the Paintbox, written by Victoria Finlay, an admirable enthusiast for colours and painting in a very professional, profound and artistic way.
    As a child she was so enchanted by beauty of lapis lazuli(which if I understand well creates the basis for ultramarin)that she dreamed about visiting a real place of mining. When she woke up from a dream, she knew that once she would travel to that place. And as a grown-up she realized her dream and got to Afganistan. I must admit, almost by miraculous coincidences. And since you have mentioned lapis lazuli and azurite – she describes the difference between ultramarin and azurit very nicely according to the painter´s use of colours – ultramarin to give space and openess to the sky and azurite to make the depth of the see.
    And I don´t know if it makes any sense for Nancy but just for information – the blue is one of four primary colours in Max Luscher´s colour psychology – blue stands for the inner contentment. For Luscher – when this “self-feeling of contentment” is not well balanced there are two possibilities – too much -overestimation: one treats himself to loads of sweets, alcohol, drugs, shopping etc.; too little- underestimation: one is discontent, feels neglected and distant from people.
    If I remember correctly in Aura-Soma colour bottle with blue in lower and upper part was called Peace(one of the first or maybe the first created bottles by Vicky Wall)by a man who after seeing this serene blue got feeling of a great inner calm. Here, it is also used for communication with Self and giving the safe foundation for stepping into unknown places.
    The last remark referes to the ankh. I happen to know a man who wears it all the time on his neck. He is a man of seventy and in the past very gifted actor, later director of radio programmes and a very fine, kind person. He has always been a bit enigmatic for me with this Egyptian powerful symbol until someone told me that he retreated from an acting life after a great personal tragedy, he ran over a man in a car accident. In one radio interview he called it indirectly a knot he didn´t know how to untie. And I was wondering if his ankh helps him to protect his integrity because he really has a very compact personality, in spite of his ordeal.
    Thank you very much for blue inspiration.

  • Robert Moss

    Nina – Thanks so much for the tip about Victoria Finlay’s travels in color. I shall add her book to my neverending reading list.

  • Robert Moss

    Nancy – I love the “smurf-blue cream cheese”. In imaginal healing, that might be an excellent Rx for clearing and opening the throat chakra. Maybe we can whip up a culinary version people could actually ingest (with or without bagels) as part of an exercise for opening the throat. That would be quite Egyptian, come to think of it; they had a ritual known as Opening the Mouth.

  • Dream.Am.Eye

    I love this colour blue, it makes me feel good instantly.
    It reminds me of Arch Angel Michael’s cape, which he often puts over us for protection, or when we feel vulnerable emotionally. I often use
    a similar shade of blue in an egg shape, that surrounds and holds me, or Michael’s hooded cape over me when energies around me are too chaotic or negative, also good if I visit ancient sites,or Castles in Europe.

  • Anna

    Synchronistically I was looking for the book Colour by Victoria Finlay the day before and it pops up today. For several years now, many many nights, before going to sleep, I see before my closed eyes a vibrant, pulsating field of beautiful ultramarine blue and feel myself drawn into it as I fall to sleep.
    Thanks for this gorgeous picture.

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