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The spider in your dreams is not the spider in my dreams

Atrax_robustus.jpgThe wonderful discussion generated by my last post on Dream Spiders brings home how we want to approach every dream as an experience unique to the dreamer, even while it evokes universal themes.

Suzette reports that when she is ill a spider climbs inside her torso and starts spinning a web. While this would be terrifying to many dreamers, and might suggest a chest infection, Suzette’s dream spider is an ally who catches what is bugging her, rolls it up in a silk ball, and elegantly expels the possible complaint from her body.


By contrast, Wanda has found it necessary to eject spiders she felt were adversaries – possibly embodying a threatening disease – from her dream houses in various creative ways. In one of her examples, she managed to convert a large and menacing spider into a wind-up toy that could be put out into the street, like the trash.

I’ve had spider dreams of both kinds. I just rediscovered a dream report from two years ago in which I knew that I had to remove a large black spider – not a tarantula, and not furry, but about that size – from my dream kitchen. I tried to catch it in paper towels in order to carry it out without harming it, as I would probably try to do in regular life. However, the spider died as I struggled to contain it, and then promptly morphed into a set of plastic parts, like a broken child’s toy, that I carried out and placed in the trash. I woke from this dream feeling a strong sense of wellness and resolution, and felt no need to interpret the dream. Moving with the energy from a dream is often more important than figuring out what the content means.


When it comes to the pursuit of meanings, let’s remember that it’s usually a good idea to study the nature, habits and habitats of the critters that turn up in dreams. There is a vast variety of spiders on this planet, most of them non-venomous but some incredibly deadly, so when we dream of spiders we may want to pause and attempt an identity check.

We also want to study the specific gifts of different kinds of spiders: what kind of webs they weave, for example, and the uses of those webs. The first dream catchers were spider webs. An Onondaga friend told me that when his son was very young, he hung spider webs above his sleeping head to catch and keep out bugs of both the physical and the psychic kind, in the old way. Don reminds us in a comment on my last post that spider webs are helpful in stopping bleeding.


Finally (for now) let’s remember that in the shaman’s way of dreaming, we can learn to get close to fierce and dangerous creatures with whom safe encounters in the physical are generally inadvisable. In my dreams of my native Australia, I am sometimes offered a funnelweb portal to enter the Dreaming of the Koori, the Aboriginal people. I remember being sternly lectured by my parents, as a small boy in Queensland, to check boots and shoes every morning in case a funnelweb spider had built inside one of them overnight, and to avoid or kill this type of highly venomous spider on sight. In the Dreaming, things work rather differently.

Atrax robustus, Australian funnelweb spider, in threat position

  • Mike Bougneit

    The URL I added to this comment is a link to a page of instructions for creating usable thread from Spider Silk. I had just explored a link to this article before going to catch up on Robert’s wonderful Dream Gates blog. The two Dream Gates postings I had not seen were on Spiders! I’ve learned, thanks to Active Dreaming practices, to cherish and pay attention to these coincidences. So… anyone need an action plan for a spider dream? You might try harvesting some spider silk! Mike B
    How to URL:

  • Robert Moss

    Mike – Very interesting, Mike! Keep spinning, and dream weaving….

  • Robert Moss

    Mike PS – do you also dream of spiders?

  • KMG

    Hi Robert,
    Without having read this or your previous post, I had a spider dream this morning. We first saw one tarantula-sized spider that appeared to have just finished molting, and its old “skin” hadn’t fallen off yet. It crawled under the oven and my friend yanked out the oven and stepped on it. I remember feeling bad for killing it since I’m not a spider-killer usually, but it was simply too big for me to feel comfortable with. We later encountered a larger version of this spider and I felt that it was the other spider’s mate (we killed it, too). Interestingly, in this dream there was also some viral outbreak going around and my friends and I were holed up in a large house, trying to avoid infection.
    Insects in general are warnings to me of illness (the most common scenario is a window left open in dreams, and insects crawling in–a sure sign that I’m about to catch a cold!) but I just can’t get any sense of what spiders mean. So very interesting that there was a viral illness in this dream–maybe the spiders are also warnings of illness, like they were for the woman in your post. I will have to try the dream re-entry technique and see if I can talk with the … uh … squished spiders.

  • KMG

    Oh, and my husband has a thought-form like creature in his mental dream-world, a spider that is there for no other purpose than to munch on negative thoughts and influences. He intentionally created this spider. He also has little metal spiders that come out to help him in tricky dream situations, and they have been with him since childhood. I sure could have used little allies like that during some childhood zombie dreams :)

  • anonymous

    I have had two kinds of spider dreams.
    In one, a large spider appeared while I was driving my car. I freaked and started driving all over the road, finally pulling over and opening the door and jumping out. The spider jumped out too and ran away. I heard a voice say don’t run from the spider…and in a dream book, it said the spider may be an opportunity. I ended up getting unexpected money and despite my fears bought a home.
    In another, a huge TARANTULA was chasing me. Somehow I aquired Tarantula Spray (dreams! :) and killed it. I felt it was a warning. I ignored it and let a man into my life that I had bad feelings about. He ended up being a con artist and doing a lot of damage. He was the tarantula that my dream was warning me of.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment SRJ

    I dont quit understand my spider dream. it started at my sisters apartment and me and my mom were in her room on her bed. I was laying down and a spider ran under me. i got up and it ran under the blankets. it sorta looked shinny black and fake. It didnt attempt to attack at all. i was trying to kill it but for some reason it was vibrating? lol. anyways, another came and it was a tarantula, kind of small but not too tiny. it came up under the bed too but it didnt do anything either. i just remember telling my sister that her apartment was infested with spiders. now that ive thought about it, i had feelings about an entity being in her home. But could never really be sure if that is really the case here.

    My nephew is 2 almost 3 and he went into the bathroom one night and i watched him open the door pause and looked up where the shower head ought to be and he stared for about 5 seconds and ran saying yeee in there, (meaning monster). i dont know but i would love to hear your thoughts about this and maybe somebody can research this and email me. i hardly have internet access but i will do my best to check my emails on my phone.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment SRJ

    Also, this spider sort of looked like the size of a apple or computer mouse? i would really like the response and hopefully i got all the details correct. this dream was not to long ago though. 2 to 3 days or so. ive tried to remember every detail but so far this is what i rememebr. oh and when i woke from that dream i remember having a weird feeling. lol i dont know if it was just hunger pains because ive had them lately after finding out my brothers fiance was pregnant, ughh sympathy pains… well the first thing that came to mind was, is something not right with my relationship? i thought about it but i wasnt really feeling that, that was the problem so i set it aside to do some research on spider dreams and and thinking about it more made me wonder if there is a possiblity of having a ghost in my sisters home that is trying to infest our minds. i dont know if anyone has read or experience anything about how ghosts read your minds and play with your emotions? but i would looove it if someone could go deeper into my crazy thoughts and dreams to find out the real problem here.

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