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Carla struggles with anxiety. She sought help from a local community mental health center. When she told the therapist that she recently had a faith experience of being born again, the therapist told her that religion would only make matters […]

Preschool, a time of fun activity, hands on learning and playing with other children. But preschool social interactions may tell us something about the future direction of those children. What if I told you that watching the play and interaction of nursery school […]

Let’s say you just had a check up and found out your blood sugar was too high. Your doctor talked to you about managing your diet in a way that might bring those levels down. Now, it is up to […]

I’ve been reading a number of articles and recent studies on whether or not multivitamins and dietary supplements help us.  I spend money on supplements and believe they have benefit. The supplement industry is certainly booming! But the question is, […]