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Like most of you, I was horrified to see the video of the Planned Parenthood women having wine and food  while discussing abortive body parts for sale. The lack of a moral compass should outrage all of us, but yesterday, as I  listened to Juan Williams on The Five say that this was “gorilla theatre” by the person who shot the video and simply an attempt to politicize abortion, I was also grieved. The discussion on the video is clear, and no amount of editing could soften the harshness of those spoken words.

Political, Juan? Yes, since 1973 with the passage of Roe v Wade. But politics were not the point. We all know the law.

Address the CONTENT of the video, Open your eyes to the truth. The very accusation you make toward the Right is preventing you from being outraged. Your own political lens won’t allow you to say, “This is horrific human behavior.” Drop your politics and simply cry, ENOUGH! WRONG!

This is so wrong. And when we as Americans have to listen to media people defending behavior that is clearly wrong, it’s time to ask, how much do the politics of the day get in the way of truth? Why aren’t women shown graphic videos of how abortions are performed in the offices of Planned Parenthood? This would truly be informed consent. And why do people continue to defend Planned Parenthood as if abortion isn’t part of their services? It is. If it is so right, then come out of the dark and allow women who have the legal right to choose, choose based on real information, not political information that assures their funding and speaks to one side of a moral issue. But that won’t happen because it is all about politics.

So Juan, how dare you accuse the right of making this a political issue? Because of political correctness,  you could not even bring yourself to speak to the content of the video.  When a culture loses its moral compass it is in trouble. These women lost their moral compass and let’s pray they are in the minority. Moral people should be outraged and nothing less.

Who will speak up for the little ones, helpless and half abandoned? This question was asked by songwriter Phil Keaggy back in the 1970s. It’s still a relevant question and yes, Phil, I will.

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