Doing Life Together

men women talkingRobert is at an  office party. He’s been working hard and wants to win over his colleagues and make a good impression. He’s wondering if there is anything he can do right now to win people over. Actually, there is, especially when it comes to his nonverbal behavior.

1) When Robert talks, he should nod his head. Nodding gets people to not only agree with you more, but also judge you as telling the truth. So get that head nodding but also…

2) Make eye contact, but not constant eye contact. Here, too much of a good thing can feel a little creepy. If you never take your eyes off the person when you are talking, they might feel you are being too aggressive. So break away that eye contact now and then. You will come across as more friendly and trustworthy.

3) Open your hand rather than point your finger when you want to direct someone or point to another person. An open hand conveys trust. Pointing is perceived as aggressive.

4) Look at your feet when you are talking to someone. Feet pointed toward the person conveys interest and listening. Feet pointed away is not a good sign. It’s like the person is mentally moving away (their feet have already turned to start walking) and is disinterested in what you are saying.

5) Is anyone making eye contact with you when they laugh? The person who looks at you when a group is laughing is probably feeling the closest to you. Pay attention to this sign as it signals trust and bonding.



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