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It’s been a while since I found something blog-worthy in the world of MCPF Stephen Colbert. So I was delighted to surf around this morning and find this choice nugget, about his recent address at Princeton: There are two Stephen […]

This is pretty damn funny. I wasn’t wild about Lamott’s last book, Grace, Eventually, but her first spiritual memoir, Traveling Mercies is a wondrous and hopeful and often hilarious collection of essays about her search for salvation as a recovering […]

MCPF Stephen Colbert turned to another CPF of Your Humble Blogger, Fr. James Martin, SJ last night for some analysis on the pope. And it was delightful. Click and watch and enjoy. These two should go on the road.

This has been making the rounds on the internet, and it’s classic: MCPF Stephen Colbert has a little smackdown with someone who is both creepy and funny.

MCPF Stephen Colbert had a friendly chat with the governor of his home state the other day, and revealed some of the key differences between Catholics and Protestants. (A jolly tip of the jester’s cap to Diane at The Word: […]

As many of you may have noticed, MCPF Stephen Colbert is finally back on the air. Once again, all is right with the world. And he’s been getting some nice buzz in Washington from, of all places, the Smithsonian: From […]

With his writers on strike, MCPF Stephen Colbert has had to resort to re-runs. Which means the merry bloggers at Catholic Colbert are desperate for funny Catholic material. They found this, and sent it my way. Enjoy.

Despite his recent electoral nosedive in the presidential race, MCPF Stephen Colbert is still very much in the game. It ain’t over yet: Stephen Colbert may have abandoned his brief bid for the White House, but he ended up in […]

I was delighted to notice this exceptional and insightful and brilliant piece of Colbertiana in First Things. The author, Nathaniel Peters, clearly grasps the profound social and cultural significance of My Close Personal Friend, Stephen Colbert, and places him in […]

A political tragedy seems to be unfolding, even as I type: MCPF Stephen Colbert has reached into the ring and taken back his hat. The race is over. Or so claims the traditionally-hostile-to-Catholics-and-other-nice-people liberal media: Stephen Colbert has dropped his […]