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He may have one of the more unusual jobs around — but he’s providing an invaluable service: Lou McClung’s past life as a handyman, and his present career as a photographer, makeup artist and manufacturer, were perfect preparation for his […]

That would be the character above, on the left, which was modeled on the gentleman on the right. He is the Muslim foreman who led the restoration of the tower and worked on the cathedral for 30 years. And wouldn’t […]

Last winter, I posted this story about a Buffalo, New York church moving, brick by brick, to Georgia. Now, a similar move is about to happen in Chicago: Church congregations have been known to migrate from the city to the […]

A parish in Knoxville, Tennessee had a big outdoor mass last weekend and the local media came to check it out. Video below. Story and more video here. And this blog has more pictures and video, too.

How about sell ’em on eBay? One church set out to do that — but then came up with a better idea.  Check this out, below.  You can read more about it here.

A desire to be more open and inclusive is forcing many hospitals to change the design and function of their chapels. An explanation: The shift to meditation rooms mirrors a growing trend among hospitals nationwide as health care centers try […]

The simmering thread about church music got me to thinking about church architecture. (No, I’m not going to start another Top 10 list…but it’s tempting…) I remembered a conversation I had when I met Fr. George Rutler, at his magnificent […]

That might become a familiar refrain in some parishes, if they haven’t switched to a new wireless microphone. CNS explains: Churches across the country are among those who might need to switch the kind of microphones they are using if […]

Now there’s a place where you can find out. The story is in this morning’s Detroit Free Press: We use dating Web sites to find soul mates. Now, some entrepreneurs want to take that to a higher level and help […]

It’s not often that a beautiful and historic church in a city like New York gets a new altar — and gets a full-blown rededication, complete with cardinal and archbishop. But that happened recently at St. Francis Xavier Church in […]