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New York’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan recently paid another visit to Haiti. The short video below shows what he saw in the ruins of the country’s cathedral. It’s beautiful, and haunting, and tragic.

Want to stay healthy? Keep going to church. That, at least, is one conclusion you might draw from a new study: For some people, leaving their religion means more than taking a spiritual risk. They could be risking their physical […]

When it comes to religion, maybe not. Catholics, in particular, don’t understand the Eucharist at an alarmingly high rate.  That, and more, according to the results of a new survey: If you want to know about God, you might want […]

This news caused a stir last week, and I’m pleased to report that my show “Currents” (on Brooklyn’s Catholic cable channel NET) got the first broadcast interview with Archbishop Donald Wuerl, discussing his appointment to the committee helping to bring […]

Archbishop Charles Chaput delivered a terrific address to the Religion Newswriters Association recently — and concluded with this valuable thought: Journalism is a “knowledge profession.” But like any other profession, the work of journalism doesn’t necessarily translate into self-knowledge or […]

For various people who have wondered about the man’s religious devotion — especially in light of his recent testimony before Congress — I found this snip from an interview in 2009: Would your family all sing carols on Christmas Eve? […]

Some unusual news out of Brooklyn, where a Catholic church is playing a starring role in a theatrical production of “Murder in the Cathedral.” A snip from the New York Times review: Comparing the buttoned-up experience of seeing a play […]

The problems with this item in TIME magazine begin in the second sentence: Alta Jacko is the mother of eight children. She is also an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church. Actually, no. Whatever else she might be, Ms. […]

Well, this post (at a fine new blog I’ve just discovered, Catholic Phoenix) offers some smart answers. Of course, like Starbucks, the Church — being universal — comes in a variety of sizes and flavors, to suit any taste. I […]

If you wonder how a preacher goes about his (or her) job, take a look: Pastors take great care to craft sermons they hope will inspire their congregations. Many spend hours each week thinking, researching and writing. When the Rev. […]