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I got an email today from a reader asking a question that pops up from time to time in the deacon world: “Are you aware of any websites that have text for Diaconate Ordination invitations?”

Actually…no. The question came up three years ago for my own ordination, and no one in the diocese had an answer — let alone, a template for us to follow. Every candidate was left to choose, design and create his own invitations for the event. For myself, I found some priest ordination invitations, and adapted one of them accordingly. I post the results below. 
Like a wedding invitation, different people may have different tastes.  This worked for me. 

I ended up buying some 5×7 Crane stationary at Kate’s Papierie, and printing them myself at home. It took some trial and error to get the margins and formatting right. (I also changed the time of the ordination.  It was actually 10 am.  But I didn’t want people showing up late!) 

Also: are you looking for a nice gift for a new deacon?  One of the most meaningful gifts I received was this invitation, matted and beautifully framed.  It hangs in our front hallway — a frequent reminder of the blessed day I received this sacrament. 

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