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On a grim anniversary, the numbers are even grimmer — especially when tallied in regards to race.

Take a look at this:

Forty years ago today, New York became the first state in the US where abortion was broadly legal. Since then, New York City has become the nation’s undisputed abortion capital, with an overwhelmingly pro-choice political establishment — and an abortion rate that’s three times the national average.

And a stifling taboo on the subject that chokes off any mature discussion about what such a rate means for the public welfare.

According to the city Health Department, 2008 saw 89,469 abortions performed in New York City — seven for every 10 live births. Among black women, abortions out number live births by three to two.

And that’s just for starters. Read the rest. The implications are sobering, not just for New York, but for our nation.

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