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I’ve never heard of someone making a public apology for something he said in a homily.

Until now:

The Gloucestershire Gay and Lesbian Community has accepted a Catholic deacon’s apology for preaching that “marriage is between Adam and Eve — not Adam and Steve.”

Following the January homily in which he made his remarks, Deacon Frank Wainwright (inaccurately referred to as a priest in some press accounts) received five complaints from parishioners. Additional complaints were addressed to the local newspaper and to community leaders.

The London Telegraph has more:

Rev Frank Wainwright…apologised for causing any offence and claimed he is not ”homophobic”.

He said: ”The sermon was about marriage and I have no idea why all this has come up but someone has obviously complained.

”The comment is obviously not homophobic and it was just intended as a joke. My duty is to preach what the church preaches that marriage is between a man and a woman.

”I have plenty of gay friends and I have no problem at all with them but as a Catholic minister I must preach that marriage is between a man and woman and nothing else.

”I’m sure there are gay members of my congregation and I imagine it’s one of them who complained but it certainly wasn’t the thrust of my sermon.

”I can see why people are upset by the comment because it was flippant. I totally accept that I have caused offence and I am apologising for that.”

The Telegraph link has more of the homily, and reaction from the gay community.

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