The Deacon's Bench

My father-in-law in suburban Maryland suggested it the other night.  You know: it makes sense.   

“I’ve never been,” he said, ” but I’d do it if it weren’t so damn cold.” I explained that it’s done in January because it’s the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision.

“So?,” he said. “What difference does that make? You could do this any time. Why make it so hard on people?”

I have to say: they organizers would probably get a much bigger turnout in June than in January. Life, after all, transcends a fixed date on a calendar — and this cause should not be limited to just one day, either.

And I can’t help but think a rally in spring might have even more meaning. It is a time of new life, and of resurrection. The ground is thawing, the cherry blossoms are budding, the earth is stirring, lovers are strolling the mall. Spring is an annual reminder that it’s great to be alive.

And isn’t that the point?

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