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Another former Protestant clergyman (who also happens to be married) is taking his final steps toward the priesthood, this time in Arkansas. Details: The goal is in sight. Hours of seminary study are winding down. Very soon, George W. Sanders […]

A breathtaking video that speaks eloquently about gun violence without uttering a word. H/T to Fran.

A great story of friendship, faith and hope. Keep a hanky handy.

I was wondering about this over the holiday, and now TIME magazine has answered the question: no, the Obama’s didn’t go to church on Christmas. Details: The Senate vote on final passage of health reform almost scuttled their plans, but […]

Is the tide turning? The numbers from at least one archdiocese are very encouraging: The nation’s sixth-largest Catholic seminary is reporting its highest enrollment in two decades as more men flock to the southern Indiana campus to pursue the priesthood. […]

A Jewish writer and researcher is defending the now-venerable pope’s record on the Nazis: Growing up Jewish in Queens, I never dreamt I would be defending the man I once believed to be a Nazi sympathizer and an anti-Semite. But […]

That would really be something to celebrate — and it just might happen. Turns out, murders are down elsewhere, too. In my corner of the world, this is nothing less than incredible: There were days upon days in New York […]

The brilliant humorist’s annual look back at the Year That Was remains one of the highlights of the holiday season — almost edging out my mother-in-law’s incredible chocolate mousse — and he doesn’t disappoint this year, either: It was a […]

With a huge h/t to American Papist, who touts this as an exclusive. Take a look. It happens at about the :48 mark.

For those who need any reminding…