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After the storm kicked up by her controversial nude ad (with a cross) for PETA, Playboy model Joanna Krupa has given an interview to TV Guide, defending the pose: came up with the idea for the PETA ad? Why the Catholic theme?
Joanna Krupa: When PETA approached me to do an ad again, my team told them we wanted to make sure the concept is controversial, sadly, because that’s the only way to get your message out there. It takes controversial photos for us to think about pressing issues. Otherwise, we would rather go on watching and debating Jon and Kate [Gosselin]’s financial fights or Lady Gaga’s costumes, while millions of helpless animals are dying. We all brainstormed and came up with the church theme, which I love. Did you anticipate this reaction?

Krupa: The reaction is far better than I expected. Of course I was prepared to earn criticism and create controversy, but that was the whole point — to stir up emotions. To make people think, talk, discuss and direct attention to the horrific fact that millions of innocent animals are being euthanized each year. Millions! Are you bothered by the criticism?

Krupa: I respect [that] everyone has his own sensitivities. But I, like many, see no clash or contradiction between a partially nude body and a cross. I am a proud Catholic and I am sure God is looking down shaking His head in disagreement with the Catholic League’s comments. … My mom is very supportive while being a very old-school Catholic. … The cross I am wearing in the ad represents pain and hope, which is all these animals have when they are dumped in shelters or put in tiny cages and bred their whole life, and hope is what we are trying to bring to this extremely tragic situation.

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