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As the esteemed Fr. Z notes, it’s a “vicar of online ministry.”

He makes a persuasive case (one, sadly, most dioceses will likely dismiss or ignore) that the future lies in the electronic pulpit — the one you’re giving attention to right now.

And he concludes that Christ himself was a communications pioneer:

Our Lord asked to be let out on the water in a little boat at the end of a line so that He could address a much larger crowd on the shore. He thereby gave us the first example of “on-line ministry” (cf Mark 4). He used technology to address a wider audience.

We must contribute not merely more of the same to the digital pulse of this age. We must find ways to adjust the very frequency of that digital pulse. We need what Pope Benedict called a “‘diaconate of culture’ on today’s ‘digital continent'”.

Read the rest. It’s well worth your time.

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