The Deacon's Bench

That intriguing tidbit comes from Doc Mac

Born in 1799 to Second Earl Spencer (whose descendants include Princess Diana), George Spencer studied at Cambridge and was ordained an Anglican priest in 1824. As time went on he began to have doubts about the validity of the Anglican Church’s position, and he explored other Christian traditions. In 1830, he was received into the Roman Catholic Church and went to Rome to study for the priesthood. In 1832, he returned to England as a priest and became a popular preacher. He was particularly interested in Christian reunion, and in1838 he began the “Crusade of Prayer for the Conversion of England.” In 1846, he became a Passionist, taking the name Ignatius. He traveled throughout England and Europe calling for the conversion of England. He became head of the Passionists in England and in 1864 he died from a heart attack.

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