The Deacon's Bench

After all the hand-wringing over Senator Kennedy’s funeral, a reader decided to send me something altogether different. I thought I’d post it and see what folks think. 
It’s the webscast of the funeral of a sister, held earlier this week at Loyola Marymount.  The person who sent this to me believes it to be both “faithful to the Rite,” and a great tribute to the person involved.   
But: Is it liturgically correct?  
Among other things, I was surprised to see lay people — presumably, family — set the altar before the presentation of the gifts.  I was even more surprised to see a female altar server preparing the priest’s chalice and filling it with wine.  I’ve never seen either of those done before.  (And, frankly, both are supposed to be done by the deacon –though, there wasn’t one at this mass.)  
Check it out.  Maybe I’m being picky.  But I’d like to hear some other opinions.  Thoughts? 
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