The Deacon's Bench

Fans of the angel-voiced young singer will want to take note of this tidbit, from the British press:

Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson had their “little angel” Ruby christened yesterday in a small family ceremony…followed by a massive knees-up in their garden.

Nine-month-old Ruby received a traditional Roman Catholic blessing at her local church in Cardiff – by the same priest who christened Charlotte.

The 22-year-old Voice Of An Angel singer, who is expecting her second child next January, arrived with her own mum and gran, while her Welsh rugby star boyfriend came to the church with dad Alan carrying little Ruby.

After the 30-minute ceremony the 20 family members then returned to the couple’s home where 200 other guests joined them for a big knees-up.

A pal said: “Charlotte wanted Ruby to have a proper welcome party. They kept the ceremony small and intimate in the place where Charlotte first started singing and then went home for a huge party.”

“Knees-up”?? Got to love those Brits.

Now that she’s had the baby baptized, and she’s evidently expecting again, isn’t it time Charlotte and Gavin tied the knot? I’m just sayin’…

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