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A proper Church baptism

Fans of the angel-voiced young singer will want to take note of this tidbit, from the British press:

Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson had their “little angel” Ruby christened yesterday in a small family ceremony…followed by a massive knees-up in their garden.


Nine-month-old Ruby received a traditional Roman Catholic blessing at her local church in Cardiff – by the same priest who christened Charlotte.

The 22-year-old Voice Of An Angel singer, who is expecting her second child next January, arrived with her own mum and gran, while her Welsh rugby star boyfriend came to the church with dad Alan carrying little Ruby.

After the 30-minute ceremony the 20 family members then returned to the couple’s home where 200 other guests joined them for a big knees-up.

A pal said: “Charlotte wanted Ruby to have a proper welcome party. They kept the ceremony small and intimate in the place where Charlotte first started singing and then went home for a huge party.”

“Knees-up”?? Got to love those Brits.

Now that she’s had the baby baptized, and she’s evidently expecting again, isn’t it time Charlotte and Gavin tied the knot? I’m just sayin’…

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posted June 29, 2008 at 11:01 am

Tying the knot would be good, of course. But did Charlotte Church ever apologize for this?7/24/2006Catholic News ServiceLONDON – The U.S. publishing company Ignatius Press has refused to sell any works by Welsh singer Charlotte Church after she called German-born Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi and mocked the Catholic Church.The directors of Ignatius Press said they were offended when the Welsh singer mocked the Catholic Church in the pilot of a proposed eight-part television chat show. Church, dubbed the “Voice of an Angel” before she turned her talents to popular music, also dressed up as a nun and pretended to hallucinate while eating “communion” wafers imprinted with smiling faces signifying the drug Ecstasy. She smashed open a statue of the Virgin Mary to reveal a can of hard cider inside, said she worshipped “St. Fortified Wine,” and stuck chewing gum on a statue of the child Jesus. Ignatius Press announced that Church’s products have been withdrawn from its Web site and catalogue. “It is with regret that we do this,” the company said in a statement to its customers on its Web site, “Miss Church possesses a great gift from God, and in the past she has used her talent often to offer praise and glory to Our Lord,” the statement said. “We cannot stand by a young woman who uses her stature in the media to mock the Eucharist, slander the Holy Father, and denigrate the vows of religious women,” it continued. “Therefore, our catalogues and Web site will immediately withdraw all compact discs, cassette tapes, DVDs and VHS tapes that feature Miss Church. Please join us in praying for this troubled young woman,” the statement added. Church declined to comment. Church, 20, was raised a Catholic and sang for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican at the age of 12. The pilot for “The All New Charlotte Church Show” was filmed before a live studio audience July 12. Ignatius Press was founded by Father Joseph Fessio, a California Jesuit who studied under the future Pope Benedict at the University of Regensburg in Germany in the 1970s and who continues to be a close friend. Pope Benedict, the son of a German policeman opposed to Nazism, was forced into the Hitler Youth movement as a child, and during World War II he served briefly in an anti-aircraft battalion.

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posted June 29, 2008 at 1:18 pm

I was wondering the same thing David. However, the fact that she cared to have her baby batised, gives me hope that grace is getting through to her. No doubt she had/has lots of prayers; one advantage of being celebrity. I trust God will bring her all the way back in his time.A little off topic but hopefully one of you Deacons or Preists can answer. Are PRIVATE baptisms encouraged, discouraged, or “no big deal? I know I always love to witnes them, and think how sad it would be if they all became “private.”

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Deacon Greg Kandra

posted June 29, 2008 at 2:34 pm

Klaire … It may vary by diocese or even by country…but where I live, private baptisms are strongly discouraged (though we do a few now and then for family and friends of the priests.) It’s supposed to be a communal celebration. In my parish, we have them the first Sunday of every month, usually with seven or eight babies. Dcn. G.

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posted June 29, 2008 at 4:19 pm

Years ago when Charlotte first began her career I purchased all of her albums but stopped that when she began her tirade against the church. Now I can’t even listen to those albums I bought. Poor misguided Miss Church… have to wonder how her parents are taking all of this.

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posted June 29, 2008 at 6:25 pm

Thanks for the answer Dcn. Greg. You gave the one I was hoping for!

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Deacon Greg Kandra

posted June 29, 2008 at 7:44 pm

All of this raises an interesting point. When I meet with parents to discuss baptism, one of the issues I try to address is whether they really intend to raise the baby Catholic. They should understand this isn’t just a big party. If I have my doubts, I’ll sometimes ask them, “Why do you want your baby baptized?” And if the parents aren’t married, I try to determine why — and if they plan to change that situation. It’s important that the child grow up in a home that is truly, in the best sense, Catholic, in atmosphere and in example. Now, I’ve never refused to baptize a child — the baby shouldn’t suffer for the misguided ideas of the parents — but I have to be reassured that they know what they’re getting into, and why. Somehow, I don’t think a similar conversation was held with Ms. Church or her family. Dcn. G.

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A Simple Sinner

posted June 29, 2008 at 11:47 pm

“Now that she’s had the baby baptized, and she’s evidently expecting again, isn’t it time Charlotte and Gavin tied the knot? I’m just sayin’… “Inasmuch as we need to go back in time to rediscover some of the ancient tricks-of-the-trade when it came to how Christianity won the day in the Pagan West… Well, we are in the neo-Pagan West… Dusting off those old play books would be good!Marriage serves as a remedy in many cases, but like pharmeceutical remedies, not all pills work for the same (or at lease seemingly so) symptons. More plainly browbeating the unconvinced/indifferent into taking vows for something they are ambivalent about… In some cases it hardly seems a remedy.My neice is on baby #2 with live-in dreamy-boyfriend… I can’t feel compelled to pressure them the way some do, because if it leads to them standing before an alatar, before the tabernacle and making promises and vows they are ill prepared to make.More plainly, God opened up a 6-pack of Old Testament style whoop-butt if and when transgressions were made before the Holy of Holies (the high priest had a rope tied to his ankles so his corpse could be dragged out of the Holy of Holies if he transgressed the prescripted forms in Israel!) but a good deal of other sin we give great weight to today did not get punished in this lifetime…So I will not pressure those who are yet disordered in their thinking about marital and genitive relations to compound their transgression – even unwittingly – by pressure to marry… No matter how similar their current arrnagements already may be.Welcome back to modern paganism.

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posted June 30, 2008 at 4:47 am

Beautiful, beautiful child.Perhaps Charlotte and her b/f will, like other young Catholics, finally renew their own ties to the faith – on an adult level – when they begin to teach their children. It often happens that way.

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posted June 30, 2008 at 9:43 am

…or the children teach them…Peace to all.

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posted July 1, 2008 at 2:59 pm

What a beautiful baby!

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