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The USCCB is about to unveil something exciting: an interactive web site and public service ads that are designed to help make marriages stronger. One of the guiding forces behind this is Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, who chairs the […]

A huge hat tip to Diane at The Word, for bringing this little bit of mirth to my attention. “Those things are harder than they look.” Heh.

It looks like Archbishop John Foley is destined to get his red hat. The 71-year-old Foley has been head of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications since 1984, and he is probably (to my knowledge, at least) the only high-ranking […]

Amy Welborn has turned a spotlight on a relativley new order of Benedictine nuns — founded just 12 years ago — who are defying the odds and actually thriving. According to the Catholic Key diocesan paper in Kansas City: “Oh, […]

Finally, someone has devised a handbook for the ordinary Catholic who doesn’t speak Latin, or Hebrew, or Italian — but keeps tripping over foreign phrases that pop up routinely in mass or in conversation. According to the Catholic News Service, […]

As I mentioned elsewhere, I’ll be baptizing my first batch of babies this Sunday. There will be 10, including one set of twins. My wife has generously offered to give me a hand (as “minister of the towel,” among other […]

I normally don’t want to stray too far afield of our Catholic faith here, but I found this item in the Washington Post quite interesting, on a number of fronts. First, it was written (separately) by the legendary Carl Bernstein […]

My cyber pal The Anchoress has sent out a plea for prayers. At one time or another, we’ve all been in that place — a place of desperation and dread. Characteristically, The Anchoress is not asking us to pray for […]

That Happy Catholic, Julie, has posted a wondrous meditation on conversion, quoting among others, the papal preacher, who says: I was reading recently the story of the famous convert of the 19th century, Hermann Cohen,* a brilliant musician, idolized as […]

I’m sure this will make Rocco’s heart leap. Those of us who are just a short train ride away will be joining him in the City of Brotherly Love to share the joy — and be a little indulgent: The […]