Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

When was the last time you received gifts that you truly wanted and were exceptionally useful? This Christmas (yes, my circle of neighbor girls and I are ALREADY talking about the Holidays because we are “planners.”)we are giving each other TIME and self-care. An afternoon at our local nail salon. Great idea! I have another idea for you. Patti Digh is presenting her first of what will be a long-standing event – DESIGN YOUR LIFE CAMP. If I weren’t already going because I’m teaching and presenting, I’d be asking for THIS for Christmas/Hanukkah. Seriously. And here’s a gift for you – PD37S – that’s the discount code you get to enter if you register this month. I KNOW life-changing because I do it each April with Deanna Davis at Womanhood Weekend. THIS has a field of presenters that are real, impacting and magnificent and I’m honored to be among them. Come. Ask your circle to send you for the holidays, for your birthday! Give the gift to yourself. You deserve it. Find out a whole bunch more at… Please! come and…yes, design your life.

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