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What Did YOU Want to be/do When You Grew Up?

Anyone in the United States that gets a glimpse of a television or hears snippets of radio or cable audio casts knows that Beyonce is a talented singer.  The more exposure you have to various media, the more likely it is that you can name some of her songs or even sing a lyric or two.

But DID YOU KNOW that Beyonce discovered her passion for singing and performing when she was a child?  She was a thoughtful and earnest child, shy and somewhat reticent.  Those who loved her saw she was most happy when she was performing.  She chose that road and her closest family members cleared the way for her.  A turning point in Beyonce’s road occurred when she was nine.  Read this clearly:  nine.  She auditioned and won a spot with a group and her future route was mapped, if not solidified.

Would you know who Beyonce was today if she had had parents who regularly instructed her to be practical and choose a career that pays well as a “fall back” for potential failure?  Had she continually been quoted statistics regarding the likelihood of becoming a singing super star – would she be where she is today?  We will never know the answer to that for Beyonce.  Ask the question of yourself.  What dreams did you once hold that you were “talked out of” by practical considerations and statistics? Remember that for every rule there is also at least one exception.  Perhaps you are that exception.  And if you aren’t the exception, you can be exceptional in the pursuit of the dream of your heart.

Let me ask you again, “When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?”  If you turned on a different road is there any way to recover a small piece of that dream in your days today?   I wonder.  Don’t you?


mary anne radmacher address issues similar to this in her book, LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU DO, published in 2011 by

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