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You can call a radio station and ask that a song be played, “dedicated to…” someone special.  You can make a donation to an organization and dedicate that generosity to a particular person.  Dedicating a book to someone is a lot like that. 

In the midst of laboring over the content for LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU DO I considered all the people I know.  I’m blessed to be connected to so many people who live their passion, who demonstrate every day what they believe by the actions they choose.  I have one friend, who has chosen to truly BEGIN her life at a point when many people would have considered it to be “the end.”  My friend was faced with a continual stream of dire medical assessments.  She’s walked through cancers and hosts of other extraordinary health challenges and embraced a life that is truer, richer and more authentic than it’s ever been.  So my newest book is dedicated to my friend, Donna Rose, whose life embodies the title. 

This is what I wrote:

  “For Donna Rose
            My valiant friend.  In your quiet turns and consistent efforts, you have demonstrated that life is what you choose to make it, not what a prognosis says it is.”

If you were committing an act of creation or generosity today, with your life, who would it be dedicated to?

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