Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Ellen Lambert is a trained Phraseologist in the Radmacher Focus Phrase™ process and she is a regular Blogger on BraveHeart Women.  For my “between friends” feature she’s given me permission to share her celebration of great news in the world of her friends.  Here goes –

It has been a pleasure answering my phone this week! It seems all my friends are on a roll – enjoying a fabulous week of joy, prosperity and good fortune. Everyone I’m talking to is doing great! Better than great!

I think if you’ve had the opportunity to occupy this planet very long you recognize this as a rare, awesome, and remarkable happenstance.

And they are happy in celebrating for all sorts of reasons. One is enjoying a passionate romance with a new flame; another is having a stellar week at work – all the effort and industry of the past year seems to be paying off all at once. Another received good news on the health front, another is achieving all kinds of personal breakthroughs.

Frankly, I’m running low on superlatives!

“Great News! That’s wonderful! Terrific! High Time! Fabulous! Super! Outstanding!”

And hey, they haven’t cornered the market on good. Rex, the puppy with ADD, sailed through the Final Exam in his Beginner’s Obedience Class. Okay, virtually sailed. To be honest, he choked on “Leave it”. The lad’s not one to leave morsels for the taking. Aside from that, he passed with flying colors.

All is good with the ones I love. Yippee doesn’t seem to express it, so I’ll stick with mental cartwheels, profound gratitude, and keep my Thesaurus handy!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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