Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

It makes a huge difference.

There are so many ways to utilize writing to improve your daily experiences: from writing down the list of groceries you need to remembering what you learned during a meeting to exploring the nuggets of truth hiding in a repetitive experience.  Writing is a key to unlock the doors of those things – and so much more.

Since you’ve asked I’ll share with you a process I guide – Focus Phrase.  I explain the process in some detail in SIMPLY AN INSPIRED LIFE, if you would like to explore the method on your own.  If you prefer an exchange, and process with some accountability, when you are trying something new – you might want to discover some of the Simple Joys waiting for you in a guided writing practice. 

Writing is indeed a way to discover the depth of your own wisdom and knowledge. 
How might you incorporate the practice of writing in this very day?  Many of my participants actually DO start with their grocery list…and work outward from there!

And here is the announcement of my next writing process…



Begin 2011 with mary anne radmacher
and a sweet Focus Phrase™ writing process, HONEY IN THE HEART .

Beginning January 3 mary anne
will guide you through a gentle, but dramatically impacting process built
around a native Guatemalan farewell blessing, “Long life, honey in the heart,
no evil, thirteen thanks you’s.” 
Translated in to practical terms 
it emphasizes: health, promises to yourself, service with compassion and

HONEY IN THE HEART  is 20 days (weekends “off”) of on- line
guided and partnered writing, personal, written exchanges with mary anne and
your special participant’s gift package*: 
Early registration thanks-giving price! $198.00   Register before November 29 (Thanksgiving week end) for the reduced rate.
Early registrants will receive their registration package the week after
Thanksgiving.  Regular registration
packages will be mailed December 27.

This is a great way to begin
2011.  The registration gift* will
include a personalized copy of mary anne’s newest book, LIVE WITH INTENTION,
support cards for the process, local Whidbey Island honey and a favorite pen of
mary anne’s. And at least one surprise. Perhaps two.  (“you can never tell with bees.” A.A.Milne and
Winnie-the-Pooh).  Early
registrants can anticipate many surprises.

If you are new to this guided experience, you can write and
ask for more details.  If you are a
returning participant, reserve your space early…you know how powerful this
process can be!


Read more about Focus Phrase™ at and
learn about the other Phraseologists guiding the Focus Phrase™ process.  There’s bound to be a good fit for you.

Contact mary anne to register at:

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