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Learn all about Venus in Leo at Tarot.comIt’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s love planet Venus in Leo, so get ready to express yourself in a big way.

Venus, as we know, is the planet of love. And Leo is a sign that’s all about glamour and drama and self-expression. So, when these two hook up it’s nearly impossible to contain ourselves — especially in matters of the heart.

This is a time when lovers proclaim their deepest feelings for one another, and they do it in dramatic fashion — think hiring a plane to write “I LOVE YOU” in the sky or taking out a full page “Marry Me!” ad in the local newspaper.

Long-term relationships are infused with fresh energy now, but it’s also a time when lovers throw the most jealous tantrums. And hey, if you’re single and crushing on someone, I bet now sounds like a great time to march right up to your crush and admit you’ve been stalking them on Facebook. Go ahead, I dare you!

In the realm of love, we just can’t hold anything back while Venus is in Leo, and I don’t think we should, either. Many of us are too shy or scared or private to put it out there when it comes to love, so we can really use this bold, fearless energy to say what we feel, get what we want and maybe even make someone’s dreams come true.

Personally, I find all this interesting because my No. 1 complaint in my relationship is that my boyfriend doesn’t often express how he feels. He’s very private (Scorpio Moon), so he holds a lot in — and that can be challenging for me, even though I know he’s actually one of the deepest, most sensitive and loving men I’ve known.

I do know how much he cares about me, even if he can’t always put it into words. And believe me, I’d rather be with a truly loving man who doesn’t always say it than with someone who just tosses around the words “I love you” carelessly, without truly meaning it. (Been there, done that.)

But how cool would it be if Venus in Leo inspires my guy to say those three little words out loud?! Pretty cool. In fact, it would be just as cool as if he’d hired a plane to write it in the sky.

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