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Learn about Mercury in Libra at Tarot.comMercury moves fast, changing signs every two and a half or three weeks, and it’s a good thing because its trip through Virgo since August 31 has turned me into a witch.

Ok, not really, but it’s been a rough month and that sharp Mercury-in-Virgo style of communication has not been helping.

Between my own stressful situations and that critical transit, I’ve said more than a few nasty things I regret. But fortunately, it’s almost time to move on.

Communication planet Mercury moves into loving Libra this Sunday, and I’m looking forward to becoming more soft-spoken and less likely to snap when things go wrong.

That’s because Mercury in Libra is all about getting along with others, seeing things from all points of view, and just generally being more fair and cooperative when it comes to dealing with people.

I’ve had a few snippy fights lately, and it seems like many of us have been burning down on a short fuse. But Mercury in Libra is about overcoming our differences, so hopefully I’ll able to talk things through, have a laugh about the silly mean things that were said, and get back to a good place.

Who’s with me? C’mon, let’s spread Mercury’s message of love.

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