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Learn about the elements of Astrology at Tarot.comI remember the day I first looked at my birth chart and realized I’m Earth, Wind and Fire. Ok, technically Air (not wind), but I still got a great chuckle out of that.

I’ve been learning more about the four elements of Astrology — Fire, Earth, Air and Water — and how they work to define our personalities and temperament. It’s fascinating stuff!

I’ve long known that each of the 12 zodiac signs fall into one of those elements, and that I’m an Air sign — Gemini. But what I’m learning these days is how the elements of every planet in your entire birth chart work together to make us who we are and even help attract us to others (and others to us).

For example, my chart is mostly comprised of planets in the elements of Earth, Air and Fire — and I’ve got just one tiny drop of Water in my chart, by way of Jupiter in Scorpio. They say people lacking in Water have a harder time accessing their emotions and intuition, and can be less sensitive to others’ feelings.

Perhaps that’s slightly true. I do have a detached quality, but not because I’m insensitive — it’s rather because I’m usually off on an adventure in my airy head most of the time and don’t notice what’s happening around me.

Besides, I just read that having Jupiter in Scorpio strengthens my intuition, imagination, and compassion, so maybe that one powerful drop of Water I have makes up for the lack of Water elsewhere in my chart.

That’s my theory, anyway. It also explains why I attract so many Scorpios, because they say we’re attracted to those who have more of the element(s) we ourselves are lacking. Hmmmmm… not sure I really want to attract any more Scorpios, no offense. At the very least I sure don’t feel like dating any more of ’em.

I digress. Where was I? Oh right: If you’re curious about your own astrological makeup, and who it might help you attract, read this article about the elements of Astrology and take a look at your own chart. It can explain a lot!

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