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Read "Real Life with Virgo" by Maria DeSimone at Tarot.comRemember the other day when I was going on and on about Virgo and why it’s such a tough sign for me to get along with personally? Well, check it out: Astrologer Maria DeSimone was married to a Virgo, and she just wrote this funny blog about her experience for

I couldn’t help but giggle while reading her description of what life was like with her neat-and-tidy Virgo husband, who would come home from work and inspect the house she’d spent all day cleaning. She said that no matter how spotless the house, he would still manage to find the one lone dusty corner she’d missed.

That’s exactly the kind of thing that drives me nuts!

Maria also details how funny it is to watch a Virgo take all their vitamins in the morning — Virgos are known to be very health conscious. But she clearly has a lot of love for Virgos, too.

Practical and sincere Virgo is known to be a loyal friend and a steady rock on which to lean, and I gotta give ’em credit for that.

If you have any Virgos in your life, you should read Maria’s blog, too, and see if it rings true. As for me, I’m running the other way. (Just kidding, Virgos, I love ya.)

Read “Real Life Astrology: Virgo” by Maria DeSimone at »

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