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Learn about Mercury Direct at Tarot.comGet ready to thank your lucky stars for the second day in a row! Venus moved into Cancer today, and Mercury Retrograde ends tomorrow. Altogether this means it’s time to move forward again, and any bumps in the relationship road should finally smooth over.

Mercury Retrograde messed with quite a few of my friends and co-workers this time around. My boyfriend’s van broke down on the highway, my co-worker Stacey’s laptop crashed AND her car also broke down. And my good friend got stuck at the Miami airport overnight.

As for me personally, I escaped most of Mercury Retrograde’s travel and technology troubles, but I sure felt its backward effect on communication. I haven’t been able to speak my mind freely for weeks — I’ve had all these conflicting thoughts and feelings that I need to discuss, but when it comes time to talk it out, well, Mercury has been holding me back.

And frankly, when you feel like you need to say something and you just … CAN’T … it builds up inside and causes major stress. I’ve been feeling tormented by my own feelings and my inability to express them for weeks.

I need to have a heart-to-heart with my boyfriend about, er, my “needs,” and that’s never a fun talk. I’ve been dreading it, because in my experience, most men seem to feel pressure and clam up when a woman starts talking about her needs. Not all men, of course, but most of the ones I’ve dealt with.

But now it’s time. And I know I’m more likely to be heard and understood now that Mercury is going direct. Even better, with love planet Venus in nurturing Cancer, I’m also more likely to get a compassionate response.

Er, I hope. Wish me luck.

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