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Get a free Tarot reading from Tarot.comSaturn, which has been retrograde since February 7, finally went direct yesterday (Monday, June 25), and frankly it’s killing my buzz — but just a little.

Saturn is known as the planet of karma and life lessons, so whenever it’s retrograde we get a little break from taking life too seriously. So I guess the fun is over. That’s the not-so-good-news.

The good news is that Saturn is going direct in the loving and balanced sign of Libra this time, so our life lessons now will at least be gentler.

We may not notice Saturn’s forward-moving energy dramatically. But we can expect to feel a little bit more urgency about our issues and our life’s direction than we have in the past few months.

I think it’s especially interesting that Saturn is going direct just before love planet Venus also goes direct on Wednesday, June 27. The combined effect of the karma planet and the love planet both beginning to move forward again will certainly put a focus on relationships.

For couples who’ve been working through issues or deciding whether to stay together or separate, the decision could very well be made this week!

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