Cosmic Candor

Learn about Mercury in Cancer at Tarot.comAs a Gemini, I’m stuck with that “I can’t turn off my brain” feeling most of the time, but it’s been even worse with mental Mercury in Gemini the past few weeks. Fortunately, relief is at hand.

Mercury, the planet of communication and brain-spins is moving into more comfortable cancer. Here, it will slow down our thoughts a bit and turn us into something more sentimental.

With Mercury in Cancer, our communication with others should deepen, and we’ll be able to soften up our sharp intellect side. Ultimately, this should increase our chances for intimacy, which is always a good thing, right?

Well, mostly yes. But with a transit as emotional as this one, we’ll want to watch for becoming TOO emotional — talking about your feelings is one thing, but putting them upon someone else is another.

I’m going to watch that I don’t do that, but mostly I’ll just be happy to be feeling more and thinking less for a few weeks.

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